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Hygiene Key System

Why are Systems Smart?
Keeping washrooms clean, fresh and hygienic continuously is an almost impossible task.
Some buildings are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, others may close on certain days or periods during the year, so installing
programmable hygiene and air freshening systems makes perfect sense. Even then the systems may be limited in their
programming flexibility, so that product is used when it isn’t needed, or isn’t available when it is needed!
Our solution is HygieneKey, new digital technology that uses a mobile App to programme individual Tubeless dispensers
remotely. The HygieneKey App allows cleaning staff and washroom managers to pair each dispenser to their mobile phone or
device using the APP and set individual programming controls to dispense air freshening or cleaning product at a level to suit
the individual washroom and location.

HygieneKey Smart Technology
helps washroom managers and cleaning teams
to run their facilities more efficiently

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